Looking for stories about Volunteer Firefighting!

Hello from Vignette. We are a team of filmmakers creating a documentary about volunteer firefighting in the USA. Every year, 745,000 men and women leave their jobs, homes, and families to respond to local emergencies as volunteers with their local fire department. The critical importance of the volunteer fire service to rural areas and small towns cannot be overestimated, saving thousands of lives and billions of dollars. The film will encourage viewers to step up in support of their local communities, and even become firefighters themselves.

We are in the early stages of finding the people and stories that will be featured in the film and we would love to hear about anyone with a great story - whether from serving as a volunteer firefighter yourself, or benefiting from their services as an individual or community.

Do you have a story to share?

Here are some examples of what we are looking for:

  • Someone beginning their journey as a volunteer firefighter
  • Volunteer Firefighters with a unique day job
  • Volunteer Firefighters with a special motivation or passion for becoming a VFF
  • Inspirational or redemption stories (“becoming a firefighter transformed my life”)
  • Generational stories
  • Stories about communities that have experienced major emergencies where their local VFDs helped avert tragedy, saved lives and/or property.
  • Unique fire departments (all women, diverse, a very small department, a very large department)

At this stage we are casting a very wide net and all stories are interesting to us. If you have a specific person or story to share, you can submit it using a simple online form (link below) or you can contact Louise Colette, our casting director directly.

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