Odd Hours, No Pay, Cool Hat

John Deere

Feature Documentary / Casting / Production / Post-Production

Behind the lines of America's volunteer fire service.

Odd Hours, No Pay, Cool Hat is a feature-length documentary film that immerses the audience in stories of volunteer firefighters across the USA. We crafted an ensemble film showcasing the impact of these selfless individuals in their communities and the transformative power of service in their lives.

The film was released in theaters in summer 2023 and is now available on streaming platforms.

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John Deere
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Feature Documentary


Odd Hours, No Pay, Cool Hat takes viewers into the heart of the volunteer fire service, and by extension on a journey through the many facets of America. Locations like California’s wine (and wildfire) country, a small Nebraska farming community, and an Orthodox Jewish enclave of New York are the backdrop for stories of service, found family, and the search for purpose. Together they convey the depth, diversity, and critical role volunteer fire departments play across the country.

Told through an unexpected cast of characters, the film challenges stereotypes and preconceptions at every turn. Barbara is a retired grandma who suits up as an EMT when the tones drop. Madely, a Salvadoran immigrant, joins a crew of teenagers who balance saving lives with getting their homework done. For Jaime, the volunteer fire service saved his life, and he’s passing on those lessons and legacy to his sons and grandson.

At a fragile and fractured point in American history, the film is entertaining, hopeful, and optimistic. It suggests that when it comes to the most desperate and important moments of our lives, we will drop everything and come together to help our neighbors.

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