The Lumineers

The Lumineers

Film Production

One band's journey.

We've had the privilege of working with The Lumineers since just before their first album release. We’ve seen them go from an upstart band grinding it out in cheap hotel rooms and tiny clubs, to a Grammy nomination, stadium shows and international success.

Over a four-year period we've created a number of short-format documentary pieces, most recently capturing the writing and recording of title track on their second album, Cleopatra. We continue to follow the band and capture their musical journey.

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The Lumineers
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Film Production


Live at Madison Square Garden

The Making of Cleopatra

An intimate look at the creation of a song.

Cleo Tour

On the road with the band touring their second album, Cleopatra.

The wild ride.

A staccato look back at the the band's rapid rise and first major tour.

Slow it down. One shot.

We've captured so many inspirational musical moments with the band over the years. Here is one of our favorites, a very cool impromptu rehearsal of the song Slow it Down before going on stage at the Sasquatch festival.

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